Fix some improper Youtube URLs

pukkandan 2020-11-27 00:27:53 +05:30
parent a62cf34298
commit f0c532a430
1 changed files with 9 additions and 0 deletions

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@ -3256,11 +3256,20 @@ class YoutubeTabIE(YoutubeBaseInfoExtractor):
qs = compat_urlparse.parse_qs(compat_urlparse.urlparse(url).query)
video_id = qs.get('v', [None])[0]
playlist_id = qs.get('list', [None])[0]
if'not_channel').startswith('watch') and not video_id:
if playlist_id:
self._downloader.report_warning('%s is not a valid Youtube URL. Trying to download playlist %s' % (url, playlist_id))
url = '' % playlist_id
# return self.url_result(playlist_id, ie=YoutubePlaylistIE.ie_key())
raise ExtractorError('Unable to recognize tab page')
if video_id and playlist_id:
if self._downloader.params.get('noplaylist'):
self.to_screen('Downloading just video %s because of --no-playlist' % video_id)
return self.url_result(video_id, ie=YoutubeIE.ie_key(), video_id=video_id)
self.to_screen('Downloading playlist %s - add --no-playlist to just download video %s' % (playlist_id, video_id))
webpage = self._download_webpage(url, item_id)
identity_token = self._search_regex(
r'\bID_TOKEN["\']\s*:\s*["\'](.+?)["\']', webpage,