Prometheus exporter for Firefly-iii
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Budget Exporter

Export Firefly-iii budget data for prometheus consumption.


Install Flask and requests in your python environment:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Create a personal access token in your firefly installation:

Go to https://your-firefly-installation/profile , create a token and copy the (very long) string.

Put your personal access token and your API host in your environment:

export FIREFLY_PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN="abcd.....1234"
export FIREFLY_API_HOST="https://your-firefly-installation"

Run the exporter: python -m flask run -h -p 5000

Now scrape /metrics on port localhost:5000.


Or use the prebuilt docker image:

docker run -e FIREFLY_API_HOST="https://your-firefly-installation" -e FIREFLY_PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN="abcd....1234" -p 9449:5000 zknt/firefly-exporter

and scrape port 9449 on your docker host.