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Matrix/Synapse configuration

Everything (except for docker-compose.yaml) goes into the data-volume of the synapse installation.

This uses the semi-official synapse image:

Config is cobbled together using the worker documentation: and this blog post:

First time launch:

  • Create containers and volumes: docker-compose up --no-start
  • Generate Keys and config: docker-compose run --rm -e SYNAPSE_SERVER_NAME=??? -e SYNAPSE_REPORT_STATS=no synapse generate
  • Read through the generated homeserver.yaml. Take note of generated keys, etc.
  • Replace homeserver.yaml in your data volume with the one from this repository, adapting to your needs. Use the keys from the step before. Copy the other config-yamls to your /data directory.
  • Start the databases: docker-compose up -d redis postgres
  • Start the synapse services: docker-compose up -d
  • Don’t forget to backup your config directory and database
  • Good luck :)