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  Diego Fernando Rodríguez Varón d71eb83b05 Extract embedded youtube and twitter videos 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel 228385340e
Merge pull request #187 from pukkandan/break-on-existing 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel 63dcccd07c
Merge pull request #181 from pukkandan/precheck-archive 1 year ago
  Kyu Yeun Kim d02f12107f [Vlive] Fix playlist handling when downloading a channel 1 year ago
  lorpus d9c2b0a6de [bitwave.tv] fix build 1 year ago
  lorpus 2b547dd782 [bitwave.tv] new extractor 1 year ago
  pukkandan ec57f903c9 Don't try to delete file if it doesn't exist 1 year ago
  renalid 711bd5d362
Update on france.tv extractor to fix thumbnail URL 1 year ago
  Matthew 9da76d30de code consistency 1 year ago
  pukkandan 958804ad4e Ensure all streams are copied when using ffmpeg 1 year ago
  pukkandan 55faba7ed7 Fix for os.rename error when embedding thumbnail to video in a different drive 1 year ago
  Matthew 0366ae8756 Fix search to not depend on index position for videoRenderer and token items. 1 year ago
  Diego Fernando Rodríguez Varón a2044d57ca Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/blackjack4494/yt-dlc into fix-tmz 1 year ago
  pukkandan ea6e0c2b0d Add --break-on-existing by @gergesh 2 years ago
  Jody Bruchon 63c00011d4 make_win.bat: don't use UPX to pack vcruntime140.dll 1 year ago
  pukkandan fe5caa2a7c Handle IndexError 1 year ago
  pukkandan 9a68de1217 Pre-check video IDs in the archive before downloading 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel d052b9a112
[skip travis] typo 1 year ago
  Unknown 5e6cdcecdd flake8 yt py2 fix 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel c297a6c661
[skip travis] 1 year ago
  Unknown 6bd79800c3 [youtube] python2 fix #168 1 year ago
  nao20010128nao a1d6041497 [instagram] fix thumbnail URL extraction 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel b28e751688
[skip travis] 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel 7ee5015a34
Merge pull request #149 from RobinD42/fix-subtitle-fallback 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel 00c38ef28d
Merge pull request #151 from wlritchi/youtube-playlist-polymer 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel 34861f1c96
Merge pull request #137 from nsapa/fix_subtitle 1 year ago
  Unknown 104bfdd24d ytsearchurl 5 pages for around 100 results 1 year ago
  Luc Ritchie 73ac856785 [youtube] max_pages=5 for search, unlimited for everything else 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel d91fdaff03
Merge pull request #79 from rigstot/thisvid 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel c54f4aada5
Merge branch 'master' into youtube-playlist-polymer 1 year ago
  Unknown 0f8566e90b manually set limit for youtubesearchurl 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel 0e0cffb8fe
Merge pull request #147 from ZenulAbidin/master 1 year ago
  rigstot d7aec208f2 implement ThisVid extractor 2 years ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel 69e3c6df5c
Merge pull request #159 from pukkandan/no-http-header 1 year ago
  pukkandan 002ea8fe17 Fix external downloader when there is no http_header 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel c924a219ea
Merge pull request #153 from Romern/zoom-fix 1 year ago
  Roman Karwacik 8f109ad4ad
[zoom] Fix url parsing for url's containing /share/ and dots 1 year ago
  Luc Ritchie 9833e7a015 fix: youtube: Polymer UI and JSON endpoints for playlists 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel da8fb75df5
[skip travis] adjust python versions 1 year ago
  Robin Dunn 142f2c8e99 fall-back to the old way to fetch subtitles, if needed 1 year ago
  Ali Sherief 876f1c17ff
Fix #93 YoutubePlaylistsIE 1 year ago
  nixxo 5867a16789 [rcs] fixed embeds detection, fixed tests 1 year ago
  nixxo 8924ddc3ee [gedi] fixed Gedi regex 1 year ago
  nixxo 595188ec71 [gedi] fixed Embeds tests, again 1 year ago
  nixxo 6c1c3e5b85 [gedi] fixed Embeds test 1 year ago
  nixxo 902784a2a9 [gedi] added huffingtonpost, added embeds 1 year ago
  Diego Fernando Rodríguez Varón fff5071112 [TMZ] Add support for new page structure using JSON-LD 1 year ago
  WolfganP 85da4055c0
ITV BTCC new pages' URL update, fix on items count 1 year ago
  WolfganP 6857df609b
ITV BTCC new pages' URL update (articles instead of races) 1 year ago
  Nicolas SAPA 8263104fe4 [youtube] Fix 'liveChatReplayContinuationData' missing 'continuation' key 1 year ago