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  Nicolas SAPA b860e4cc2f [common] Make sure self.params.get('sleep_interval_subtitles') is int 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel 651bae3d23
Merge pull request #129 from blackjack4494/release 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel 5943bb6214
[skip travis] update workflow - sha file 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel 4a82c025da
Merge pull request #124 from nixxo/mailru-fix 1 year ago
  Unknown 7d94c06743 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 1 year ago
  Unknown 5db4014b23 [skip travis] readme and pypi update 1 year ago
  The Hatsune Daishi 987d2e079a
[instagram] Fix extractor 1 year ago
  nixxo 8abd647c59 [mailru] removed escaped braces, use urljoin, added tests 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel adb118da26
Merge pull request #118 from insaneracist/youtube-music-playlist 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel 06a8be981b
Merge pull request #117 from nixxo/la7-proto-fix 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel f406ab6a14
Merge pull request #112 from insaneracist/youtube-mix-fix 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel 206de9b233
Merge pull request #101 from exwm/vlive-fix 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel 123049d1ce
Merge pull request #120 from pukkandan/no-embed-livechat 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel f8ddb38977
Merge pull request #108 from insaneracist/ytdl-pr/24751-zoomus 1 year ago
  pukkandan 503d4a44f6 Don't try to embed/convert json subtitles generated by youtube livechat 1 year ago
  insaneracist 366a7a4753 [zoom] rename extractor from zoomus 1 year ago
  insaneracist 7f4f0b21c2 [youtube] added Youtube Music channel info 1 year ago
  insaneracist 659ddd7f70 [youtube] fix: Youtube Music playlists 1 year ago
  nixxo ab36800b1f [la7] fix missing protocol 1 year ago
  exwm 9c8bc84fd2 [vlive] add: improved video extractor errors 1 year ago
  exwm c434e9f504 [vlive] fix: missing expected types for try_get 1 year ago
  exwm be5d6c213c [vlive] refactor: delete dead function code 1 year ago
  insaneracist 15f6397c19 [youtube] get mix playlist title from ytInitialData 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel 7166f47b18
Merge pull request #57 from insaneracist/youtube-mix-fix 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel 471115dbee
[skip travis] add option to use pip to use master 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel 8934f61717
Merge pull request #68 from peet1993/master 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel 4481cfb570
Merge pull request #82 from nixxo/skyitalia 1 year ago
  Roman Sebastian Karwacik b11a88fc24 [zoomus] Adjusted url regex, now allowing for arbitrary long ids, dont throw warning if password field not found 2 years ago
  Roman Sebastian Karwacik aa13f124a5 [zoomus] Adjusted referer header, fixed formating for flake8 2 years ago
  Roman Sebastian Karwacik 81acad1279 [zoomus] Added support for password protected videos 2 years ago
  Roman Sebastian Karwacik abd273e17b [zoomus] coding conventions 2 years ago
  Roman Sebastian Karwacik 55cd2999ed [zoomus] Cleanup 2 years ago
  Roman Sebastian Karwacik ef6be42014 [zoomus] Allow for more urls 2 years ago
  Roman Sebastian Karwacik 3f0852e35f [zoomus] Add new extractor 2 years ago
  exwm 130599af94 [vlive] fix: raise login required error on vlive+ 1 year ago
  exwm 73cc1b9125 [vlive] fix: live video extractor 1 year ago
  exwm 3417362556 [vlive] fix: vod logic wrongly used for live video 1 year ago
  exwm 8ba3ad0a48 [vlive] fix: fetching live video not yet uploaded for replay 1 year ago
  exwm 1923b146b3 [vlive] add: support new channel url format 1 year ago
  exwm 5dcfd2508a [vlive] add: support video post urls 1 year ago
  exwm 0536e60b48 [vlive] fix: extractor tests for VODs 1 year ago
  insaneracist 5c15c1a0d7 python2: don't use str, use compat_str 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel 167c108f70
[skip travis] 1 year ago
  Diego Fernando Rodríguez Varón 60351178a5 [TMZ] Fix TMZ.com extractor 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel 764876a01f
[skip travis] select python 3.8 in workflow file 1 year ago
  Unknown 31108ce946 [core] sleep-subtitles fix 1 year ago
  Unknown ae306df7e0 [viki] new way of obtaining subtitles. 1 year ago
  nixxo e61f360157 [skyitalia] added geoblock msg 1 year ago
  insaneracist 712799bd30 Merge branch 'master' into youtube-mix-fix 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel cf37b9f875
Merge pull request #74 from blackjack4494/master 1 year ago