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  Unknown 7fb5f2f29d [skip travis] templates and urls 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel 200959ec76
Merge pull request #61 from merval/merval/comcast_sso_fix 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel 4f51913680
Merge pull request #65 from TobiX/fix-netzkino 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel b8c6e56725
Merge pull request #55 from insaneracist/youtube-music-metadata-fix 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel 2c01ee48e0
Merge pull request #47 from insaneracist/newgrounds-fix 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel 0ae154c4b4
Merge pull request #51 from B0pol/nitter 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel e2d5e9a361
Merge pull request #30 from merval/merval/brightcove_drm 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel 12ae240c36
Merge pull request #19 from nixxo/patch-1 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel 76c2df5f0a
Merge pull request #40 from nixxo/skyitalia 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel 90c3f039e2
Merge pull request #45 from insaneracist/xtube-fix 1 year ago
  Unknown fa57af1ef3 flake8. added sha256 check to updater. 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel da6403d340
[skip travis] finalised workflow 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel 9891884768
[skip travis] half done workflow 1 year ago
  Unknown 9f448fcb26 [core/yt_live_chat] live_chat is back. dl() new parameter 1 year ago
  Peter Oettig 59c5fa91c1 Fixed problem with new youtube player, leading to "Unable to extract video data". 1 year ago
  Tobias Gruetzmacher 7db1d2a69e Only use video id to find metadata 1 year ago
  Dan Walker 3086aa194f Added Comcast_SSO fix 1 year ago
  insaneracist 5b0a6a8010 [youtube] fix: extract mix playlist ids from ytInitialData (#33) 1 year ago
  insaneracist 9322f1162d [youtube] fix: extract artist metadata from ytInitialData (#49) 1 year ago
  nixxo 920ad13673 [skyitalia] fixed coding conventions 1 year ago
  nixxo 508649e6f5 [rcs] fixed coding conventions 1 year ago
  bopol bb8a73a0e2 [nitter] Add new extractor 1 year ago
  Unknown 4932ba4aec [yt_live_chat] deactivate for now. 1 year ago
  Unknown 0704d2224b [core] be able to hand over id and title using url_result 1 year ago
  insaneracist 139e10ad98 [newgrounds] fix: video download 1 year ago
  insaneracist 576d233fe6 [xtube] fix extractor (#17) 1 year ago
  nixxo a85e131b48 [rcs] Add new extractor 1 year ago
  nixxo 165ce9f773 [gedi] removed unused tests, fixed extractor name 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel ddb77f30ee
Merge pull request #39 from insaneracist/bandcamp-fix-tests 1 year ago
  nixxo 81a20463a4 [skyitalia] moved token 1 year ago
  nixxo 0b72c2bc31 [skyitalia] removed arbitrary parameter 1 year ago
  nixxo c3c18d7b8a [skyitalia] Add new extractor 1 year ago
  insaneracist ccec6955f3 [bandcamp] fix failing test. remove subclass hack 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel cf553deceb
[skip travis] update travis badge 1 year ago
  nixxo 6c6ee4905f [mtv] proposed fix 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel 1808b9e28c
Merge pull request #32 from amigatomte/patch-1 1 year ago
  Unknown 079a941282 [mtv] add match_id reminder 1 year ago
  Unknown 3467b3e28f [skip travis][bandcamp] fix minor typo in tests 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel 565e61d488
Merge pull request #36 from insaneracist/bandcamp-fix 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel ba2136cba2
Merge pull request #35 from peet1993/youtube_js_url_fix 1 year ago
  insaneracist 48aac9fc86 [bandcamp] restore album downloads 1 year ago
  Peter Oettig 67b19799a5 Fixed problem with JS player URL 1 year ago
  Unknown 6f8557ec4d [skip travis] add note to remove tvland. 1 year ago
  amigatomte fb9c36c45f
Update to reflect website changes. 1 year ago
  Dan Walker 87ab4fb11a Added DRM logic 1 year ago
  Tom-Oliver Heidel ee69b02a4f
Merge pull request #29 from B0pol/webarchive 1 year ago
  bopol 9754a441e3 use webarchive to fix a dead link in README 1 year ago
  nixxo d4ca287459 [gedi] fixed class name 1 year ago
  nixxo a916af123c [gedi] Add new extractor 1 year ago
  nixxo 5fec75c81c
[mtv] Fix a missing match_id 1 year ago